Google Toolbar Ignores Your Privacy

Toolbars are rarely worth the effort. They mostly interrupt work, weigh heavy on your browser and are relatively useless. To date, I haven’t seen a good toolbar.

Unfortunately, a lot of free software comes bundled with annoyances such as the Google toolbar. Users rarely pay attention to what they are installing, and find themselves with a bad addition to their browser, that to top it all, also infringes on their privacy.

Now it’s revealed that Google toolbar ignores your privacy and keeps tracking you even if you disabled that option:

…even when users specifically instruct that the Google Toolbar be “disable[d]”, and even when the Google Toolbar seems to be disabled (e.g., because it disappears from view), Google Toolbar continues tracking users’ browsing.

And another annoying feature:

The Google Toolbar also added a “Google” button to my Taskbar, immediately adjacent to the Start button. The Toolbar installer added this button without any disclosure whatsoever in the installation sequence – not on the web page, not in the installer EXE, not anywhere else.

Pay attention to what you are inserting into your computer. Most of the time, toolbars aren’t needed and are more harmful than beneficial.

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