Another Publicity Stunt? GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad Rejected

GoDaddy are well known for publicity stunts and, some might say, cheap tricks to get a bit of media attention. The buzz this time is around GoDaddy’s ad for the Super Bowl.

Again, as in previous other occasions, Godaddy’s Super Bowl Ad was rejected. The company has had several ads not approved in recent years due to the content.

The founder, Bob Parsons, has put together Super Bowl ads for several years with some causing backlash and rejection from tv executives due to the content.

This year’s rejected ad features a character called Lola.  There’s no indication as to why the ad was rejected.  There are reports that a second commercial, featuring Tim Tebow, the Florida college quarterback, might also be problematic.

It’s clear that there’s no real problem here for GoDaddy. The fact that the ad was banned will probably cause more interest in it. The ad is bound to appear on YouTube and the lot, and GoDaddy will enjoy their share of the buzz. I won’t be surprised if they created the ad for banning purposes in the first place.

GoDaddy is an Internet domain registrar company which provides services to website owners.

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