Delicious Introduces New and Tasty Features

Social Bookmarking site, Delicious, is starting the year with new items on its menu. The site has introduced some new features that improve the UI and take care of old and annoying problems.

The bookmark display options were combined and placed them to the right of the Tagbar, just beneath the bookmark count. A privacy filter was added, so you can see only your Private Bookmarks or Public Bookmarks. Now you can also choose whether to open the bookmark in the same browser window or in a new one.

Another a new feature is supposed to save you the hassle of bouncing back and forth from Delicious when viewing more than one bookmark in a row. Clicking on Browse these bookmarks will open the first bookmark and will also present a small frame at the top of the page, with which you can navigate through your bookmarks. The Delicious team promises that more functionality will be added over the coming months.

Mobile phones users will be happy to hear that tag management functionality on the Delicious mobile site was improved and some bugs were fixed.

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