Is Pandora Out of the Death Box?

Pandora is a wonderful personalized music service. It used to be my favorite internet radio and I visited it every day. After a period of bliss, and because of strict and cruel copyright regulations, Pandora closed for users outside the US.

After that, it just got worse, and the company was about to close. Pandora was the only internet service that created successful personalization, and in a very difficult arena – music. It was sheer pleasure to listen to song after song of perfectly wonderful music, that fit my tastes exactly. That was why I was very sorry to hear about Pandora’s problems.

These days, it’s reported that Pandora is back on the right track:

At the end of 2009, Pandora reported and its first profitable quarter and $50 million in annual revenue — mostly from ads and the rest from subscriptions and payments from iTunes and when people buy music. Revenue will probably be $100 million this year, said Ralph Schackart, a digital media analyst at William Blair.

Too bad the site is still not open to the citizens of the world.

Read the full article: How Pandora Slipped Past the Junkyard

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