5 WordPress Myths that Need to Die

Over 200 million websites around the world use WordPress these days. This, above any other argument, marks the huge success of this open source CMS.

WordPress was launched in 2003, and has certainly come a long way since then. The current version of WordPress allows for many wonderful features – from threaded comments to image editing on the fly. The amazing abundance of plugins ads tons of possibilities for WordPress users, which can be anything from web developers to budding bloggers. WordPress is, of course, not perfect, but it constantly develops and grows, in an effort to fit most needs of site creators.

There are a few myths and misconceptions that have stuck with WordPress, and it’s time to finally and completely debunk them.

#1 WordPress is good only for blogs

That might have been true a few years ago, but it’s very far from reality today. Nowadays, you can create a full-fledged website with WordPress – anything from a simple portfolio for a freelancer to a huge content site with thousands of posts and pages. The system is robust and offers all the features you need in order to build a website. The blog is obviously one of the major features, but you are not obligated to use it.

#2 WordPress design is limited

A quick look at the amazing variety of FREE WordPress themes (not to mention the premium ones), will reveal that WordPress has no design limitations. Of course, if you want an original design of your own, that’s not based on themes, you can hire a professional to do that for you.

#3 It’s better to use a propriety CMS

This myth is actually related to all Open Source CMS. Buying a propriety CMS assures you nothing. Internet companies come and go, especially in recession time. When you build a site using a propriety CMS, you are limited in your options. If you feel like changing a vendor, you might not be able to do so, because THEY own the system upon which your site is built.

WordPress has a huge community of users, and many of them offer technical support for free or a small fee. The fact that it’s used and developed by so many different people actually makes it safer, more reliable and more likely to survive.

#4 WordPress is complicated. You need to be a web developer to set it up

Actually, the basic setup of WordPress is rather easy. So it creating pages and posts. WordPress is very intuitive and friendly, and it is constantly improving. Sure, there’s a learning process, but that’s true for any software or system you may use. There are plugins to accommodate almost every need you might have. There maybe a need for a web developer or a programmer if you want a specialty feature, but that’s a rarity.

#5 WordPress is easily hacked

There have been many cases of hacked WordPress sites lately, but that’s mainly because the CMS has gotten so popular, and because people still don’t adhere to basic rules of security and privacy. If you upgrade your WordPress regularly, uses strong passwords for the admin and your FTP, you should be safe. Also, there are some cool plugins that can help you protect your WordPress site even more efficiently.

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