5 High Quality Free WordPress Themes

In the world of WordPress, FREE doesn’t mean poor quality or problematic. Wonderful WordPress themes are all over the net – and they are free to download and use. When you need to create a professional-looking site, the theme has to look clean, sharp and impressive. There are plenty of those themes around, many of them are free.

Here are 5 top quality FREE WordPress Themes:


Gorgeous Theme packed with tons of features and options. Custom header image, changeable background color, flexible sidebar width and location, paged navigation, widget ready. Nice and elegant WordPress Theme.

Preview iCandy

Download iCandy


Another great WordPress theme by WooThemes. Some features: A clear & concise grid-based design, very easy to customize; Integrated banner ad management Widgetized sidebar, with some Bueno-specific custom widgets; 7 different colour schemes to choose from
and more.

Preview Bueno

Download Bueno


A very impressive WordPress theme, which looks premium. Has a bold design, big header and a prominent look.

Preview MonkeyPR

Download MonkeyPR

GoodTheme Lead

Very clean, professional-looking WordPress theme. Among the features: -five color schemes; two-column layout but with two-column content section and triple sidebar; six widget areas; automatic post thumbnails; dropdown pages and categories menu and much more.

Preview GoodTheme Lead

Preview GoodTheme Lead

Blue Diamond

A two column theme with a nice featured post feature in grey-blues and blue coloured backgrounds and foregrounds, with web2.0 style using lots of gradients and 3 dimensional effects.

Preview Blue Diamond

Download Blue Diamond

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