My New IBM Keyboard

New, of course, is a very relative term.

This is a Model M IBM keyboard, that was manufactured on May 1st, 1987. It weighs about 3 KG and it has absolutely no media buttons. 馃檪

It’s one of the best keyboards I’ve ever typed on, and I intend to keep it as my main keyboard for now. This lovely keyboard gives a wonderful typing sensation, which is something I really miss in modern keyboard. My Logitech wireless keyboard is very good, but nothing compares to this piece of IBM hardware. And of course, the wonderful clicking sound that’s being generated by this keyboard is unmatched.

And there she is:

IBM Clicky Keyboard, Circa 1987

IBM Clicky Keyboard, Circa 1987

IBM Clicky Keyboard, Circa 1987

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  1. […] consider the keyboard to be one of the most important parts of a computer. That’s why I recently bought a model M IBM keyboard – and I enjoy it immensely. I can certainly see myself working with a USB typewriter – […]

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