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Star Wars iPad Briefing

June 1st, 2010

Steve Jobs, the iPad and the death star. Hilarious:

Reading on iPad in Bed Might Keep You Awake

April 25th, 2010

Planning to take your iPad to bed for a little read before you go to sleep? This might not be such a good idea:

Devices like the Kindle, the Nook (the top part of the screen that displays books) and popular e-readers from Sony use a technology called e-paper. It simulates the look of an actual printed page and does not emit light. That means, unlike the iPad, you can effectively read in direct sunlight. (Beach, anyone?)

The iPad, however, contains a touchscreen liquid-crystal display that, like computer screens and television sets, emits light. On the plus side, you can sneak the device under the covers while your significant other sleeps beside you and flip through a couple pages of a book without a flashlight.

But staring at the screen before bed could leave you lying awake. That’s because direct exposure to such abnormal light sources inhibits the body’s secretion of melatonin, say several sleep experts.

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Twitter on an Apple ][e

April 25th, 2010

Now THAT is what I call a great use of technology! Did I mention I think Apple ][e is the best PC ever made?

50% of iPad Users Also Use Windows

April 21st, 2010

It’s not surprising to discover that not only Apple worshipers bought the iPad. After all, Apple has already sold over 500,000 units, so it’s only logical to assume some of them don’t own only Macs and iPhones.

The surprising fact, however, is that according to Chitika Research, about 50% of iPad owners have a Windows computer in their home.

Chitika checked the IP addresses of iPads that used the Chitika network and searched out what other devices came from the same addresses. They limited the results to IP addresses with 5 or less devices seen. The results are based on a sample of over 74 thousand iPads.

Does this mean more Windows users are willing to give Apple a chance, or is this true just when it comes to sexy products like the iPad? And what will happen when Windows-based tablets start appearing in the market?

In the mean time, Apple’s stocks continue to rise, after an impressive quarterly report, and the story about the “lost” iPhone prototype continues to attract interest. The headlines are all Apple these days – and I guess they’ll continue to be this way for a while.

Should You Buy an iPad Flowchart

March 27th, 2010

The iPad hype is raging. Do you want to join the party? Should you buy an iPad?

Can’t make up your mind? Here’s a flowchart that might help you out: