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Social Media in 2009: Twitter, Facebook and MySpace Trends

February 9th, 2010

comScore released its 2009 U.S. Digital Year in Review Report, and it has some interesting data. One of the hottest topics (still) on the net, is social networks. So, what happened in the social media in 2009?

Social Networking Trends 2009

According to comScore, social networking was one of the web’s top activities in 2009. Nearly 4 out of 5 Internet users visited a social networking site in December 2009. The activity now accounts for 11% of all time spent online in the U.S.,
making it one of the most engaging activities across the Web.

Facebook and Twitter Grow

Facebook and Twitter both posted triple-digit growth. Facebook surged to the #1 position among social networks for the first time in May 2009, and continued its strong growth trajectory throughout the year, finishing with 112 million visitors in December 2009 – up 105%  during the year.

Twitter finished the year with nearly 20 million visitors, a huge leap from just 2 million visitors in 2008. Much of Twitter’s extraordinary audience growth occurred during the first few months of 2009.

MySpace has experienced some softening in its audience; however, a new strategic focus on entertainment content is exhibiting signs of success with MySpace Music having grown 92% in the past year.

Facebook has also shown impressive growth in unique visitors, page views, and total time spent – all increased by a factor of two or more. As more people use Facebook more frequently, the site has grown to account for three times as much total time spent online as it did last year.

Demographics of Social Networks

MySpace’s user composition tilted toward younger users in 2009. Users age 24 and younger now comprising 44.4% of the site’s audience. Facebook’s audience was evenly split between those younger and older than 35 years of age.

The initial success of Twitter was largely driven by users in the 25-54 year old age segment, which made up 65%  of all visitors to the site in December 2008. This a different segmentation than the common one in social media networks, where usually the younger audience build the brand’s success. In 2009, with the help of celebrities and media coverage, younger users flooded to the site in large numbers, with those under age 18 (up 6.2 percentage points) and 18-24 year olds (up 7.9 percentage points) representing the fastest growing demographic segments.


It seems that social networks still need the younger audience in order to grow. Also, it’s clear that social networks can’t stand in one place, and have to keep developing new features and attractions, as the young audience gets bored easily.

Facebook is still the strongest network, by far, and at the moment there doesn’t seem to be a serious competitor for it.

According to comScore, social media marketers must be aware that social networks can deliver substantial reach for ad campaigns and despite low click-through rates there is measurable view-through value from these ads.

Americans Watched 33 Billion Videos Online in December 2009

February 7th, 2010

Nearly 178 million U.S. Internet users watched online video during  December 2009. Online video viewing continued to reach record levels in December, with 33.2 billion videos viewed during the month, according to a report by comScore.

Google Sites continued to rank as the top U.S. video property in December, delivering 13.2 billion videos, with YouTube accounting for nearly 99% of all videos viewed at the property. Hulu ranked second with more than 1 billion videos viewed, an all-time high for them, and representing 3% market share. Microsoft Sites ranked third with 561 million, followed by Fox Interactive Media with 551 million and Yahoo! Sites with 539 million views.

In December, Tremor Media ranked as the top video ad network with a potential reach of 103.7 million viewers, or 58.3 percent of the total viewing audience.

More interesting Video stats

  • 86.5% of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video.
  • 134.4 million viewers watched more than 13 billion videos on YouTube.
  • 44.9 million viewers watched 423.3 million videos on MySpace Sites.
  • The average Hulu viewer watched 22.9 videos, totaling 2.2 hours of videos per viewer.
  • The duration of the average online video was 4.1 minutes.

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The State of the Internet

February 3rd, 2010

Yet again, the numbers that made the net in 2009. This time, it’s presented in one huge infographic.

Some interesting facts:

  • People in the age group of 18-29 use the internet the most.
  • Those with the highest level of income ($75K and upwards) have the fastest broadband.
  • Norway, Finland and Sweden have the highest penetration of internet.
  • 28% of bloggers are 35-44 years old.

The Internet in 2009 – By the Numbers

January 23rd, 2010

Pingdom has created a great post, summing up the state of the internet in 2009 – with numbers.

For example: 90 trillion e-mails were sent during 2009 over the net; there are 234 million websites on the web as of December 2009; 126 million blogs and counting; YouTube serves 1 billion movies per day… And much more!

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