eBay Announces Free Auction Listings

Selling on eBay just got a bit more accessible. eBay announced free auction listings and reduced listing fees for fixed-priced items in the U.S. The pricing changes, which take effect on March 30, will lower the upfront costs of selling on eBay.

Beginning March 30th, 2010, eBay will offer two pricing packages in the United States:

  • For sellers who list items occasionally, new “eBay Everyday” rates. Auction-style listings with a start price of 99 cents or less will be free (with no insertion fees for up to 100 listings per month). When an item sells, the seller will pay a flat final value fee of 9 percent of the sale price – and never more than $50. If an item doesn’t sell, the seller pays nothing. Auction listings are a good choice for occasional sellers – people who are trying to get rid of some junk, usually.
  • For sellers who list often, new “eBay Stores” subscription rates offer insertion fees as low as 3 cents per listing for 30 days—a 90 percent reduction over current rates. Larger volume sellers with this “3-cent store” premium rate can move thousands of items at high velocity with full search exposure.
    Subscription rates offer basic, anchor and premium store pricing options, depending on the size of a seller’s business. With the new pricing a seller with 250 listings per month would save $80 or $960 a year in insertion fees.
    Current store inventory format will be discontinued and will no longer have separate search functionality from core fixed-price listings. With the new eBay Stores rate package, all fixed priced inventory on eBay will have exposure through eBay’s main search functionality, increasing visibility for sellers and improving the search experience for buyers.

eBay is also expanding to all buyers its eBay Buyer Protection program. This program offers buyers even greater confidence that when they buy on eBay, they’ll be covered.

Through eBay Buyer Protection, buyers will have access to customer support specialists seven days a week, as well as a money-back offer for most purchases should a problem arise and the seller is unable to resolve the issue.

Tips for Selling on eBay

  1. Buy before you sell: create a user with a good reputation. It will make things easier when you want to start selling.
  2. Search and research: search Listings on eBay to see what is selling and what are the common prices.
  3. Add clear images: take pictures of the product from different angles and make sure the pictures are sharp and large. Use a good camera and not a webcam!
  4. Give good service: keep your customers happy.
  5. Use HTML: the text editing window in eBay enables you to insert HTML tags. Learn basic HTML to improve the look and feel of your auction page.
  6. Package well: make sure you package sold items well. Use quality packages and envelopes, and don't forget packing materials like bubble wrap etc.

Recommended Books about Selling on eBay

  • eBay 101 – Access the world's biggest marketplace, right from your own home.
  • How to Buy, Sell, and Profit on eBay – This quick read is a straightforward primer on the do's and don'ts of starting your own serious eBay business.
  • eBay PowerSeller Secrets – This beyond-the-basics guide reveals the trade secrets that have propelled the savviest entrepreneurs into eBay PowerSellers.

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