Lifehacker Tests Browsers Speed; Chrome Comes Out on Top

Lifehacker has posted a speed test of Firefox 3.6, Chrome 4, Opera 10.5, and different extensions.

The final scores are (out of 35 possible)

  • Google Chrome 4.0.302.3 (dev): 25
  • Google Chrome (stable): 24
  • Firefox 3.6: 20
  • Firefox 3.5.4: 21
  • Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha: 25
  • Opera 10.01: 15
  • Safari 4.0.4: 19

And the conclusions:

If you're using Opera 10.01, you have almost no reason not to upgrade. If you're using Chrome, the Stable channel is pretty much a wash with the development version, barring any new features that make their way first to the dev channel (which, granted, some certainly will). Firefox 3.6 seems more of an upgrade in features than core components, and Safari, well, doesn't it have a really neat launch page?

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