Geek Toys: BluAlert Bluetooth Bracelet

BluAlert Bluetooth Bracelet

You need to know if someone wants to talk to you, and you need to have the ability all the time. We know. We understand.

You know how it is – your cellphone is sitting at the bottom of your bag, or perhaps lost in the folds of your jacket pocket. With the noise of the environment around you, you’ll never hear it ringing. Maybe it’s your girlfriend saying she wrecked your car, your mom informing you of an unexpected inheritance, your roommate telling you that zombie Ed McMahon’s waiting for you at your apartment with a giant novelty check, or Jessica Alba asking you out on a date (hey, it could happen). The bottom line is, when your phone rings, you had better know it, ’cause you never know who’s calling.

The BluAlert bracelet uses Bluetooth technology to buzz discretely on your wrist when your phone rings. Even in the loudest room, or the most boisterous dance-floor, you won’t miss it when BlueAlert goes off.

Even better, BluAlert acts like a security device! Once paired with your phone, if it should suddenly find itself more than 5 meters away, BlueAlert buzzes. Not only will you never miss a call, you’ll never lose your phone.

Check it out! BluAlert Bluetooth Bracelet

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