Photoshop Celebrates its 20th Year

It’s hard to imagine our digital lives without Photoshop, or more precisely – the concept of easy, available digital image processing. Nowadays, Photoshop is a heavy monster of a software, packed with features the average user doesn’t even know about, but it’s still synonym with image processing. Well know the expression: “It’s Photoshopped”, exclaimed when an image looks like it’s been tampered with.

There are many good, free image editors out there, but Photoshop still hangs on to the crown. These days, the software turns 20 years old, and it’s time to look back and reminisce.

WebDesignerDeopt published a great post, with info and screenshots from the history of Photoshop. You can really appreciate the evolution of this image processing software in this post. Very cool!

The History of PhotoshopClick to enlarge

Interesting Photoshop Links

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