Constantly Tweeting your Location? Your House Might get Robbed

Foursquare users beware: the information you tweet regarding your location might be used to reveal when is your house empty – which makes it a great target for a burglary.

To prove a point, a threesome of Dutch fellows set up a Foursquare/Twitter mashup called PleaseRobMe. Here’s what they say about it on their site: “…The way in which people are stimulated to participate in sharing this information, is less awesome. Services like Foursquare allow you to fulfill some primeval urge to colonize the planet… The danger is publicly telling people where you are. This is because it leaves one place you’re definitely not… home”.

The site, which took the developers only 4 hours to set up, shows tweets of Foursquare players, an online game which is based on a person’s location in the real world. By following the updates on the site, anyone can know when certain people are not in their homes, which might make for a break-in opportunity.

“Our intention is not, and never has been, to have people burglarized”, claim the developers of PleaseRobMe. What they want is to show everyone how we are letting our privacy to go down the toilet, without even noticing. Foursquare might be a fun game, but it seems universally stupid to tell the world where you are at any given moment. Someone, someday, might take advantage of it. Mind the information you transmit to the world.

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