ShadyURL: Shorten your URLs in a Suspicious Way

Want to raise the suspicions of your Twitter followers? Here's a cool and funny way – ShadyURL.

This hilarious URL shortening service will create shady URLs out of your links. The new, shorter URLs created by ShadyURL has suspicious looking words in it, like "torrents", "peepshows", "IE exploiter" and much more. Your followers will think you are only into porn, hacking and violent content. If you are going for a dark reputation, or just want to make your followers giggle at your stupid links, ShadyURL is a great site for you.

Funny URLS Shorteners

There are quite a few funny URL shortening services out there. Here are some of them:

  • – this service has been created to convert long URLs into wonderful works by Charles Dickens.
  • – create short URLs with LOLspeak.
  • – You know that bacon goes with everything!

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