Show Drivers What you REALLY Think with Drivemocion

There are many times on the road, in which you want to tell the other drivers what you REALLY think of them. Some just roll the window and spit it out, but most of us just simmer in anger and do nothing when other drivers cut us off. For all of us geeks, here's a great solution: Drivemocion.

The Drivemocion affixes to your rear window and is operated by a remote control by the driver's seat. Want to apologize for cutting someone off accidentally? Press a button and the sign says: SORRY. Want to get a tailgating fool off your backside? Press a button and the sign says: BACK OFF. Want to tell the person behind you that you find them attractive and may possibly rear end the person in front of you because you keep staring at your rear-view mirror? Press a button and get a smiley face with hearts for eyes.

With the Drivemocion's 16 messages and variety of facial expressions, you can tell the world behind you exactly how you feel. Now, keep your eyes on the road!

Get the Drivemocion now!

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