The Winter Olympics Run on Windows XP

6,200 computers are used in the Winter Olympics this year, all of them running on Windows XP. Should this make Microsoft happy?

It seems that Windows 7 is a bit too new to gamble on, when it comes to huge systems and networks. Vista is, of course, out of the question – which leaves us with the good old, steady XP.

Only a few of the computers had glitches and problems. The most dramatic incident was when one of the workers in the Olympics jumped up to cheer, and spilled soup on her laptop, which miraculously survived. Acer, the computer company that delivered all those machines to the Winter Olympics, said they offered to replace the laptop, but the worker decided to stick with it.

It looks like XP is going to survive just a little bit longer, even though Microsoft is doing everything they can to kill it. XP is a very compelling operating system –  it's stable, easy to configure and a lot of people are refusing to part with it until Windows 7 proves itself.

Not a word about Vista. It never really happened, you know. Just a bad dream.

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