Google Buys Picnik

Google continues its latest shopping spree. This time it's Picnik, an online services that offers photo editing tools.

Picnik is integrated with photo-sharing services like Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket and the photo album components from Facebook and MySpace. Google intends to preserve and advance those partnerships. Picnik users will be glad to hear that the service continues to be free, and that no changes have been made to their accounts.

Here's what Picnik's blog had to say about it:

…we’ve just been acquired by Google! What does this mean for Picnik? It means we can think BIG. Google processes petabytes of data every day, and with their worldwide infrastructure and world-class team, it is truly the best home we could have found. Under the Google roof we’ll reach more people than ever before, impacting more lives and making more photos more awesome.

Picnik was founded in 2006 and has about 20 employees. It will remain in Seattle but move to Google's offices in that city.

Picnik's site attracts almost 40 million visits per month, with each visit lasting an average of 17 minutes.

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