Microsoft: Thousands of Popular Sites Still Incompatible with IE8

In a new post, Microsoft informs the web that there are still around 2,000 sites that aren't compatible with IE8 and require the Compatibility View mode.

Let us just ponder, Microsoft, whose fault is this? Web developers spent days and months, battling with the problems created by your inferior browsers (IE6 and IE7), and now no one is in a hurry to make changes to accommodate IE8.

A very complicated diagram in the post shows how IE8 determines whether to go to “quirks mode,” “IE 8 almost standards mode,” “IE 8 standards mode” or “IE 7 standards mode” when displaying a site.

Microsoft now promises to deliver more standards support with IE9, including Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) standards, and maube SVG and HTML5 standards. That, of course, remains to be seen. The fact remains that developing sites to fit the different IE quirks is STILL a tiresome, annoying job.

Current StatCounter Global Stats concerning web browsers show that about 24% of internet users surf with IE8; IE7 has a market share of about 19%, and dropping; Firefox 3.5 has about 17% market share and IE6 still holds 12% of the market.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Version Market Share

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