MySpace Launches a Gaming Section

In an effort to revive a slowly-dying site, MySpace launched MySpace Games – a social gaming environment with new tools and functionality for users and developers.

MySpace Platform developers are now able to:

  • Review application-specific analytics via a new API, including invitation conversions, active users, notification responses and demographics.
  • Build games in rich, 3D-like quality with Unity's powerful 3D engine and allow MySpace users to access the games with a new plug-in. For example, Paradise Paintball utilizes this technology.
  • Encourage cross-platform competition with Scoreloop, which allows games on different platforms to share the same high scores, achievements, challenges and buddy lists.
  • Utilize GroovyCortex, which is a cloud-based solution for onsite application developers, to provide low latency push data for multiplayer games.
  • Track the source of application invitations and utilization to learn how users are finding and choosing specific games.

MySpace also announced the MySpace Neon iPhone application, giving users access to their MySpace games on the iPhone.

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