66% of US Government Organizations Use Social Media

A study by Human Capital Institute (HCI) and Saba details the use of social networking within local, state, and federal governments. The study also looks at the effectiveness of social networking in conducting government work, how agency type affects the use and perception of social networking and the future expectations and barriers for its use within the public sector.

The study shows that 66% of all government agencies currently use some form of social networking – from blogs and wikis to IM and discussion boards.

Except for municipal governments, all other agencies reported that social networking tools are used most effectively for knowledge sharing and informal learning and development functions.  32% percent of those surveyed within the Department of Defense use social networking tools for these reasons, as well as to create communities of practice.

Security restrictions — chiefly concerns about the loss of confidential information — are the largest barrier to future implementation of social networking tools within governments.

The study recommends encouraging and enhancing the use of social networking within the government, such as the Defense Department’s use of social networking tools for project planning and state government agencies’ use of social networking tools for public communication.

The full report is here.

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