Top 10 Commercial Viral Videos – April 2010

Nike takes up 3 spots in April’s Commercial Viral Videos chart – according to Goviral. Nike viral videos are in the 2nd, 6th and 8th places. Amazingly enough, the Nike commercial that’s on the 2nd place does not use humor or naked women – it’s just a black and white shot of Tiger Woods, looking very serious. In the background rolls an old recording of his father, Earl Woods, asking him questions. The video ends with the question “did you learn anything?”, which could be interpreted as a reference to Tiger’s sex scandal.

Old Spice continues to enjoy a high level of popularity, again with a humorous clip, presenting a very handsome male model.

Greenpeace also managed to enter the chart, with a tribute to Earth Day.

Top 10 Commercial Viral Videos – April 2010

1. Heineken – Men With Talent
2. Nike – Earl and Tiger
3. Old Spice – Flex
4. Samsung – Master of Business Card Throwing
5. Coca-Cola – Quest
6. Nike – The Secret Behind Nike Air
7. Sony – Around the World in 80 Seconds
8. Nike – Music Shoe
9. Greenpeace – Give Earth a Hand
10. Nestle – I Like Big Butterfingers

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