FarmVillain: Finally, a Cool App on Facebook

We all hate Farmville. It's a stupid time-waster, masquerading as a game and it's horribly boring. Worse than that – all your friends play it and continuously nag you with stupid gift requests such as goats, ducks and fruit. Facebook feeds are full of idiotic and uninteresting Farmville updates. Yeah, like I really fucking care that you found a black sheep on your pointless, meaningless, imaginary  farm.

For those of you who wish to wreak some vengenace – here's your chance. This cool app is called FarmVillain and it will publish funny stories to your feed, such as "You can now grow hemp on your farm, you know, for making rope", "Master Butcher achieved! You have successfully slaughtered 1000 cows in a 24 hour interval on your farm" and "You found zombie Jesus on your farm" – which is rather disturbing, I must say.

Just click on the story you want to publish to your feed, and annoy the hell out of your dimwitted Farmville-addicted friends. Enjoy!

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