Top 10 Commercial Viral Videos – June 2010

Surprisingly enough, the top 10 commercial viral videos of June 2010 aren't all sports-related. The World Cup has had its effects on the list (the top video, for example), but there are other entries, as well.

Volksawgen takes second place with "The Slide" video, and food dominates the middle of the rankings – with Coca Cola, Mentos, Mcdonald's and Orbit.

First place, however, belongs to the Adidas ad – Star Wars Cantina 2010. Seeing Star Wars on YouTube is always fun, but this ad felt too artificial and not sharp enough.

Top 10 Commercial Viral Videos – June 2010

  1. Adidas – Star Wars Cantina 2010
  2. Volkswagen – The Slide (Driven by Fun)
  3. Head – Andy Murray Street Magic in London
  4. Iceland – Visit Iceland
  5. Coca-Cola Zero & Mentos – The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car
  6. Orbit Gum – The Prom Date
  7. McDonald’s & Coca-Cola – T-Shirt Wars 2
  8. GMC – Dude Perfect: The Cliff Jump Shot
  9. Sapporo – Legendary Biru
  10. Lynx Rise – Jessica Jane Clement – Her Best Bits

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