Give it a Rest, Google

Google is AnnoyingGoogle Search is getting more and more annoying with each passing day. It's fair to assume that Google developers think we are pretty dumb, and they need to show us the right path through the internet's complicated web of sites.

Search results on Google are getting less and less relevant and useful. Further more, since Google assumes we're all idiots, it tends to decide for us what we ACTUALLY wanted to search. So, it searches similar words, similar meanings, and many other "similars", which are usually completely different from what I searched for. Thus, I have to use Quotes and the Plus sign a hell of a lot more than I used to. Just like in the good old 90s.

Now, Google launched a new feature – Google Instant. With this feature turned on, search results appear immediately when you start typing. Not only will Google suggest search queries for you – but it will also give you the search results before you even finished typing. Wow.

This, in fact, is an even more annoying feature than Google Suggest. First of all, not all people look at the screen when they type. A lot of people need to look at the keyboard, and won't lift their heads until they are done typing. In the words of Robin Williams – totally redundant number one.

Of course, if you mistype, the suggestions and search results will change when you type and correct your mistake, creating a distracting movement of letters and images on the screen. Moreover, the results displayed rely on the most common searches done by other Google users. Which means that if you are searching something that's a bit out of the mainstream, the search suggestions will be completely irrelevant.

Fine, you say, disable Google Instant and stop complaining. You're right, of course. I did that. Slight problem, though: Google allows me to disable Google Instant, but the ability to disable Google Suggest has vanished from the preferences page. Again, Google thinks it can decide what's good for me. For all of us. Google brags that the new feature will save us all a lot of time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Google for the time I had to waste on finding a way to disable their stupid features. So, thanks. Really.

Disable Google Suggest

If you want to use Google without Google Suggest, you need to use this URL:
Another good option is to use a different search engine. My favorite is Duck Duck Go – a wonderful, quick, smart search engine, which gives very relevant results and is fun to use.

Google, just give it a rest, will ya? Just let us decide if we want your fancy, useless features. KTHXBAI.

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  1. Thank you for sharing how to turn off Google Suggest (again, after turning it off on the preferences page when it was first introduced). That is such an annoying feature. Thank you even more for suggesting an alternative search engine; I've had it with Google and plan to make the switch.

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