Top 10 Commercial Viral Videos – August 2010

This month's top viral videos show a few celebrities. Gillette conquered the first place with Roger Federer performing an impressive tennis shot, which might be staged. The number two video from California non-profit Heal the Bay, is narrated the amazing Jeremy Irons. The 10th video, an ad by Orbit, features TV/movie star Jason Bateman performing a funny dance routine.

Throughout the year, sports and sport stars have dominated the viral video chart, and August is no different. In addition to the Federer video, there are also clips from Puma and VEnergy that feature athletic activity.

Top 10 Commercial Viral Videos – August 2010

1. Gillette – Amazing Roger Federer Trickshot
2. Heal the Bay – The Majestic Plastic Bag
3. SNCF – Bienvenue, Au Revoir
4. Carlton Draught – Slo Mo
5. Cadbury – I Gotta Be Me
6. Puma – After Hours Athlete
7. Google – Google New Baby
8. V Energy – Pomparkour Ladder Sport
9. Drench – Cubehead
10. Orbit – The Dancer

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