Angry Birds Peace Treaty – a Viral Hit

If you own an iPhone or an Android-based mobile phone, you probably know Angry Birds. Over 10 million copies of the game have been sold on the iPhone platform alone, and Angry Birds is by far the most popular cellular game of the year.

The game is talked about all over the net, people write about their Angry Birds games and the time it had stolen from them, buy merchandise that's based on the game, and now – there's a comedy sketch on TV about it. This sketch comes all the way from Israel. It was originally posted on the program's website, in Hebrew. The success of the clip urged the creators to make an English version, and here it is – what happens when the birds and the pigs try to sign a peace treaty?

The sketch has many underlining political insinuations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and about rude Israeli behavior. I must admit it's a hell of a lot funnier in Hebrew, but it seems the global crowd likes it – the clip is high on the viral videos chart, gets mentioned all over the net and at the moment has over 300K views on YouTube.

Here it is:

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