Top 10 Videos of 2010

All in all, 2010 wasn't a very strong year when it came to viral videos, or any kind of videos. It was easier to point out memorable, funny and good viral videos in the years before, but this year I really had to work hard in order to compile a top-ten list.

This is list is comprised of the best 10 videos of the year, in my opinion. Some of the videos are in the list because they were major hits, and got millions of views on YouTube. One of them is a great example of how social media SHOULD be utilized and most of them are just fun, funny or interesting video clips I enjoyed this year. Oh, and there's a cat, too. There always has to be a cat. So, here they are…

Shark Lady's Top 10 Videos of 2010


Greyson Chance Singing Paparazzi

A major YouTube hit, for some weird reason. I mean, we have seen better young talents before. But hey – it has over 35 million views, so it must have SOMETHING. Actually, I find the girls in the audience rather hilarious.



Retro gaming, presented in a clever and creative way. I protest the absence of Galaga, but other than that, it's a lovely video.


Cats VS Treadmill

As I said, cats are a mandatory part of every top-ten list. These two are trying to figure out this weird contraption, called a treadmill. Double the cats, double the fun. And hold that thought, because Double rules this year.



This is just a perfect example of cultural differences. I am pretty sure that in its originating country, this song is a masterpiece, and so is its performer. In any other place (ie, the interwebs), it's just a hilarious video, with an annoying song (?) that sticks to your brain.


Single Lady Devastation

Poor kid. All he ever wanted was to sing. And be a Single Lady.


Gandalf Goes to the World Cup

Anyone who has watched the World Cup in 2010, cursed the mightily annoying piece of plastic, called the Vuvuzela. Now, what would have happened if the darn thing had been part of the Lord of the Rings?


Angry Birds Peace Treaty

Angry Birds is probably the most successful mobile game today. It has produced a lot of internet memes and content, but I love this one the most. This sketch has been created by the cast of an Israeli satire TV show, and after the Hebrew version became a huge hit, they released it in English. It actually works better in Hebrew, IMHO, but apparently it takes an English translation to create a YouTube hit.


The Cutest Place on Earth

A sloths' orphanage. Nuff said.


Old Spice Guy

I usually don't like commercial videos or ads, even when they become viral and very popular. The Old Spice campaign is a different story. First of all, it has the ever-amazing, destructively handsome, super-ultra manly Isaiah Mustafa in it, which justifies a place in my top ten list every year 😛 Second of all, the Old Spice Responses campaign was a brilliant example of how social media should REALLY be used when it comes to commercial applications. I'm sure this campaign will be well remembered and discussed a an original, imaginative and successful breakthrough. Oh, and by the way – have you noticed how HOT Isaiah is?


Double Rainbow

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Ahhh, the everlasting question, that goes unanswered and leaves us empty inside. But, don't despair! There's always a rainbow at the end of the darkness. Sometimes, it's even a double rainbow!!!

This video easily takes the #1 spot on my top videos list for 2010. It's authentic, original, honest and made me shed hilarious tears of laughter. This is a pure and real viral hit, a true experience for all those involved. DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!!!

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