The European Commission is investigating if Google is dominating the ad market

We know by now that Google has strayed far from its "Do No Evil" motto. So much so, it has become a joke, really. The company still dominates the online search engine market and is also very much in control of online advertising.

The EU will examine Google's actions in issues such as collecting data, selling ads and acting as a go-between in online advertising.

The concern is that Google is blocking competition. Google has said it will co-operate with the inquiry.

Google is involved in all levels and stages of online advertising, and that's a cause for concern. Commission executive vice-president Margrethe Vestager said: "A level playing field is of the essence for everyone in the supply chain. Fair competition is important – both for advertisers to reach consumers on publishers' sites and for publishers to sell their space to advertisers".

During the past few years, Google has been fined by the EU, at around 8.25 billion euros. It hasn't seemed to have an effect on Google's dominance over online ads.

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